The International Choral Festival of Missoula is deeply grateful to the hundreds of Missoula residents who graciously open their homes and hearts to our 2019 international guests. Consider hosting in 2023 for our next festival.

Hosting allows for a uniquely personal Festival experience, and many lasting friendships have developed between host and guest(s) throughout the years, sometimes lasting a lifetime!

Host families provide all breakfasts, lunches and some dinners; comfortable sleeping arrangements with privacy; and transportation to and from the concert venues and social events.

Host Family Applications Available NOW!

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

How many days are host families expected to host?

Most choirs will arrive on Tuesday, the day before the Festival starts, and depart  Monday, the day after the festival ends, for a total of six nights.  However, some may arrive as early as the Monday before the festival while some may depart on the Sunday following. Hosting requires time, energy and flexibility.

Am I allowed to request guests from specific countries?

We cannot guarantee all guest preferences, but be assured that we will try!

How many guests do host families typically accommodate?

We house choir members in pairs, although if you are willing to accommodate more than two in your home, please let us know on the application.

When will I be notified of my choir member assignment?

The Housing Committee will strive to notify hosts of specific assignments in June prior to the festival or earlier if possible however, last minute attrition of choirs and other circumstances beyond our control may delay notification until a week or two before the Festival in July.

What am I expected to provide for guest(s) as a host family?

Host families provide all breakfasts and most lunches and dinners; private, comfortable sleeping accommodations, and transportation to rehearsals, concerts, and to Festival-hosted social events. Additional transportation may be requested of you if your guest wishes to shop, sightsee, etc. Host families often enjoy showing guests around Missoula and the surrounding area during free time, although this is not required of host families.

Where will I pick up my guest(s)?

Hosts will meet their guest(s) at the Missoula International Airport.

How will I know what kind of food to prepare for international guest(s)?

The Housing Committee will provide you with information on your guest’s dietary needs and/or restrictions.  We do ask hosts to accommodate dietary restrictions, but beyond that, are not expected to cook differently than you normally do, and most hosts are pleasantly surprised to see how much their guests enjoy American-style cuisine.

How will I know where and when my guest(s) need to be transported?

The Housing Committee will give you a Festival itinerary specific to the needs of your guests when you arrive to pick up your guests at the Airport

Do hosts pay admission to their guest’s performances and other Festival events?

As a token of our appreciation, each host family will receive two passes for admission to all concerts and Festival social events.

Which Choral Festival events are host family members invited to participate in?

Two members from each host family are allowed to attend all Festival-sponsored meal events from Wednesday through Sunday at no charge if they display their host badges. Additional members of your party must purchase a ticket, and the costs of each event range from $10-$15 per adult, with discounted pricing for children.  Special events will be communicated with host families that have applied

All hosts will receive detailed information on these events in your host packets.  Extra tickets for these events will be available at the Festival Headquarters at 312 E Pine Street (the Knights of Columbus building) and can be purchased during each event.

Do host families get together for car-pooling, pot-lucks and other shared activities?  

Yes, we strongly encourage that host families “pool their resources” and coordinate on social activities to enjoy together during your guest’s free time. To help facilitate this, the Housing Committee will hold an informational, social gathering before the Festival to give hosts the opportunity to meet one another, exchange contact information, and to plan pot-lucks and other activities together.

Who should I contact if my plans to host a choir member change?

Please contact the Choral Festival office at (406) 936-0393 as soon as you know of any changes in your plans to host.

Who should I contact to make transportation arrangements for my guest(s) if I am unable to transport them?

We ask that you first attempt to make alternate arrangements for transportation with other host families, friends, or neighbors. If you are unable to make these arrangements, please contact the Choral Festival office as far in advance as possible.

Who should I contact if my guest has a medical emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. For other medical needs please go to Community Medical Center (2835 Fort Missoula Rd.) or St. Patrick’s Hospital (500 W. Broadway). For minor medical needs please contact Now Care located at Southgate Mall, (406) 721-0918 or at St. Patrick’s Hospital, 6th floor (406) 329-7500.

Who is held liable for expenses related to injuries to choir guests that occur on host family property or are hurt in a car accident in a vehicle driven by the host?

Should this happen, the home owner’s insurance and auto insurance policies would take precedence. The ICF would not be liable in either of these circumstances.  If you are considering becoming a host, please review your home and auto insurance policies regarding these types of coverage.