Montana’s International Choral Festival would cease to exist without the support of our hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers!

We need 100+ volunteers to work with Festival organizers during the months leading up to the Festival and throughout Festival week to help produce a successful event. Shifts range from two to five hours and many volunteers sign up for multiple shifts throughout the Festival.

Participating in the Festival as a volunteer is a highly rewarding experience! Volunteers enjoy “behind-the-scenes” access to Festival concerts and events; face-to-face cultural exchange with visiting choirs and immense satisfaction knowing they contributed to the success of this prestigious international event and one of Missoula’s most beloved traditions.

Thank you!

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Choir Liaison: If you love helping with the Festival and want to be a main point of contact for a specific choir for the duration of the Festival please send an email directly to: [email protected]

Concert Venue Manager:  Concert Venue Managers are responsible for ensuring that concerts proceed as smoothly as possible and that both the performing choirs and audience members are accommodated as well as possible. Duties include setting up venue signage and equipment as needed; supervision of concert venue volunteers; serving as liaison to performing choirs; recording concert attendance (from ushers), and leading the cleanup effort after the performance.

Concert Venue Assistant:  The assistant helps the Concert Manager as needed to ensure a smooth operation at the assigned concert venue. Duties include helping with venue set-up; audience assistance; overseeing merchandise sales and concert admission button sales, and helping with the post-concert cleanup effort.

Concert Usher:  An usher’s duties include greeting and assisting audience members entering the concert venue; checking admission buttons; distribution of program books; management of seating in the concert hall to maximize capacity of venue; documentation of attendance numbers; and helping with the post-concert cleanup effort.

Concert Equipment Set Up: These duties include pick-up/delivery, and set up of equipment at concert venues such as choir risers, sound equipment, etc

Errand Running:  Runners generally need to be available to run errands for Festival organizers as needed, such as pick-up and delivery, shopping for last minute supplies, providing transportation for Festival participants, host families in need, etc.

Food Venue Set Up:  Volunteers help set up for Festival-hosted group meals and social events scheduled throughout Festival week, including setting up tables, folding chairs, shade canopies, decorations, trash facilities, signage, etc., as needed.

Food Service:  Duties may include serving food and refreshments; bussing tables and maintaining cleanliness at the venue; monitoring the age of guests for eligibility to consume alcohol; distributing wristbands and tickets for alcoholic refreshments; selling dinner tickets to Event guests; and venue security.

Event Clean-Up:  Duties may include dismantling and packing up rental equipment (tables, chairs, etc); dismantling decorations; gathering ICF supplies for return to Headquarters, and clean up of area and removal of trash. 

Merchandise Sales:  Volunteers assist Festival organizers sell merchandise (T-shirts, posters, etc.) at all concerts and Festival- hosted group meals and social events.

Office Volunteer: The office volunteer may assist with Festival preparations in the month leading up to the Festival by stuffing envelopes, preparing name badges, compiling choir tote bags, printing and collating, etc.  Volunteers who work in the temporary Festival Headquarters Office during Festival week may help by answering the telephone; selling and keeping track of Festival merchandise sales; maintaining the lost and found department; helping “walk-ins” with any requests, and assisting with various tasks that arise during the course of a Festival day.Special Talents:  We do have a need for special talents such as foreign language proficiency; computer skills (Microsoft Office), and some we are not yet aware of – please share what you have to offer and we will place you somewhere you will be needed!