Maria Timoshenko

Our mission for the festival was to bring the light of the Finnish culture and enjoyable music to the broad audience. We wanted to contribute to the global understanding, friendship and choral development. We, in choir, still thinking about the International Choral Festival as a perfect organized event which bring many people together. It gave us wonderful opportunities to make friends in Montana and over the world. Let choral music unite.

Maria TimoshenkoConductorPedavoces

The Massed Choir singing Auld Lang Syne was incredibly emotional for me! We worked pretty hard to get CSYC and BCC together on the movement for Williams Lake Stampede. I’d be honored to come back to Missoula, it is such a welcoming town with incredible citizens. I certainly felt at home when I was there and didn’t want to leave! It was such an incredible experience and one that was just too short! The amazing hospitality and international friendships that were formed still make me so incredibly happy.

Chad OhmanKokopelli Choir Member
Coastal Sound Music Academy

I was extremely moved by how much you’d engaged the Missoula community, having those host families connect with singers and then attend the concerts is a profound and memorable experience. While we waited for concerts to begin, I took the opportunity to chat with hosts sitting near me, and all of them raved about the positive experiences that the festival brought to their homes, their lives, and their community. I just wanted to thank you, along with your amazing and tireless volunteer crew, for taking such good care of our Coastal Sound Youth Choir, and for working so selflessly to provide such a world class festival that in my opinion, embodies and models what choral singing is all about: connection, community and artistry.

Diana ClarkArtistic DirectorCoastal Sound Music Academy
Lance Collister

I was BLOWN AWAY by the 3 Canadian Youth Choirs!!! HOLY SMOKES! We were SO LUCKY to get them to come down here! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to whomever lined them up 😉 I cried through every piece that Coastal Sound did in their performance. And the African songs done by Kokopelli were simply amazing – what energy and coordination! We were so lucky to have them here! I was so inspired, impressed and awed. Thank you for bringing such joy to us here in Missoula with this ICF.

Lance Collister2013 Host
Diana Bauer

I just want to extend my thanks and congratulations to you, the ICF Board and the many volunteers who participated in making this ICF a smashing success! My mother (86) and my aunt (83) came from Great Falls to attend the Choral Festival and they were so moved, and inspired by all that they heard and saw. The events were well-run and organized – truly unbelievable all the work, hours and man-power this took to put together. So proud of all of you and to be a part of this Festival and great community!

Diana Pacini BauerAudience Member
Mark O'Leary

Firstly, congratulations on a superb festival. We all enjoyed the Missoula experience very much – the concerts, the hosts, the other choirs, the party, the cafes and the wonderful hospitality. We were blown away by the level of community support you were able to attract and the size of the audiences. I very much hope to be able to return to Missoula again!

Mark O’LearyConductorYoung Voices of Melbourne