Known as the Garden City, Missoula lies at the hub of five valleys and four rivers, in a beautiful
mountain setting that provides
the perfect backdrop to our
International Choral Festival!

Montana boasts natural landscapes, wildlife, small town charm, and hospitality that are legendary.
No wonder it is referred to as
"The Last Best Place".

About Missoula and Montana

Missoula has something for everyone.
As one of the most desirable places to live and visit in the United States, Missoula is Montana's center for education, medicine, business, and most notably for the arts.  

As Montana's most culturally diverse city, Missoula is known for its museums, galleries, dance companies, live theater, symphony orchestra and,
of course, the International Choral Festival.

Missoula is conveniently located between Yellowstone National Park (4-hours by car to the southeast) and Glacier National Park (3-hours north).
Both offer superlative scenery and endless recreational opportunities for both visiting choirs and audience members alike.

Montana--"The Last Best Place"
In most places, a handshake still seals a deal, and people are eager to know how you recreate before knowing how you earn a living.  At the
same time, Montanans are highly sophisticated, and enjoy all the benefits of a rich cultural life. 

Small towns offer excellent cultural tourism opportunities in local museums, fascinating historical sites, art galleries, shopping opportunities,
and world-class dining and drinking establishments.

Come and spend a few days before/after the Festival discovering what Montana has to offer!