Join us in Missoula, Montana
for our Tenth
International Choral Festival
July 13-16, 2016


Mission of the ICF

The International Choral Festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting artistic excellence, global understanding, friendship, and goodwill through choral music.


Conductor: Maria Timoshenko

The Academic Student Choir Pedavoces (pronounced in an Italian fashion; the name is a mix of Greek and Latin, and freely translates to “teacher voices”) is a mixed voice student choir based in Vaasa, Finland.

The choir was founded in 1974 by Per-Håkan Jansson within the Faculty of Education at Åbo Akademi University. To this date, Pedavoces is the only Swedish-speaking mixed academic student choir in Finland. While still associated with Åbo Akademi University, today Pedavoces is no longer a choir mainly for teacher students; it now attracts students from several different universities and polytechnic schools in Vaasa.

Pedavoces has recorded two full-length CD’s in 1997 and 2003, the first being a compilation of songs from the choir’s standard repertoire and the latter a Christmas-themed recording with a mix of songs in Swedish, Finnish, English and Latin.

Pedavoces has participated in international competitions twice: in the 14th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music with Petr Eben Prize 2004 in Prague and in the Malta International Choir Competition & Festival 2006. In both competitions, Pedavoces achieved a position in the silver category.