How can my choir apply for participation in Missoula’s next International Choral Festival?
The 2019 Choir Application may be completed online by clicking here.

Is there an application fee?
There is no fee to apply for participation in the International Choral Festival of Missoula.

Is there a participation fee?
There is no participation fee for choirs once they are selected.

Are prizes awarded during Missoula’s International Choral Festival?
The International Choral Festival is a completely non-competitive event, based on the idea of bringing people together to share in friendship and harmony. Thus, no prizes are awarded to participants of the Festival.

If accepted, what expenses are involved for choirs?
All choirs are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from Missoula, and for sightseeing trips or other travel that is not part of the Choral Festival. Once here, international choir members (with the exception of  Canadian and domestic choirs) are provided with food, lodging, and local transportation by host families during Festival week. Choirs from the United States and Canada must make their own arrangements for lodging and most meals. If needed, the Festival can provide local transportation for U.S. and Canadian choirs from their hotel to rehearsals, performances, and all Festival sponsored social events.  Social functions for all participating choirs and host family members are included at no charge.

Does the Festival provide assistance with booking hotel accommodations for U.S. choirs?
U.S. and Canadian choirs are responsible for arranging and paying for their own accommodations, but the Festival does negotiate special rates at select hotels for choirs, to help make the Festival as affordable as possible. Information on hotels for U.S. and Canadian choirs will be available on our website starting in the fall of 2018.  For information on “no frills” for choirs in dormitory housing at the University of Montana (which is walking distance from downtown), please check our website or click here.

If accepted, how many concerts can we expect to perform?
Typically choirs will perform six times during the Festival.  Choirs will be invited to sing a 25-minute program at the opening “Preview Concerts” on Wednesday.  Over the course of the next two days, all choirs will perform four 30-minute concerts. On the last day, all choirs will take part in the Finale, during which they will sing one selection, and then combine with other choirs to form a massed chorus for the finale.

Does the International Choral Festival arrange other concerts during our time in Montana?
The ICF can sometimes arrange a limited number of “Outreach” concerts for a choir in one or more towns in western Montana in the days before or after the Festival. These arrangements depend on the availability of host communities, as well as available grant funding which allows us to offset the costs. Outreach concerts are arranged by request, on a case-by-case basis. Choirs interested in Outreach concerts are encouraged to contact the Festival office as far in advance of the Festival as possible. If grant money is not available to ICF to fund this program, then it will be the responsibility of the choir to fund their travel and other expenses of Montana outreach concerts.

Does the International Choral Festival arrange other concerts during our time in the rest of the United States?
If a choir wants to perform anywhere outside of Montana, it is the choir’s responsibility to arrange and pay for any such concerts.

Aside from ICF “Outreach” concerts, what other performance opportunities are there for our choir?
The International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River, British Columbia is usually scheduled at the beginning of July. Choirs may apply to their festival by visiting their website at  The Idaho International Choral Festival in Pocatello, Idaho is scheduled one week after our Festival from July 9-14, 2019.  Choirs may apply to their festival by visiting their website at

What transportation arrangements will be made for me during the Choral Festival?
If you are staying with host families, they will transport you to all necessary places during the week. U.S. and Canadian choirs will need to provide their own transportation. The Festival office can help with arranging this.

Are there any concerts on Sunday?
There are no public concerts on this day. Often, choirs make prior arrangements to sing as part of a church service; however participation in these services is not an official part of the International Choral Festival. ICF does sponsor a Farewell Picnic on this day as well.

What is the weather like in Missoula during July?
The average July temperature in Missoula, according to the National Weather Service, is 66.9 F/19.39 C. The average high temperature is 83.6 F/28.67 C and the average low is 50.2 F/10.11 C. You can plan on very warm days and cooler nights. We experience the most amount of sunshine during July and rain is infrequent.

In what time zone is Missoula?
The entire state of Montana is in the UTC time zone/GMT -7 hours. You will also sometimes see reference to “MST”, or “Mountain Standard Time”.

What sightseeing opportunities before or after the Festival are recommended for visiting choirs?
Missoula is conveniently located between Yellowstone National Park to the south, and Glacier National Park to the north.  Each park offers endless opportunities for sightseeing, hiking and walking on trails, wildlife viewing, and a choice of accommodations to suit every budget.  We recommend choirs plan to spend an extra couple of days to explore one of these parks.  The Festival does not however offer travel planning services, but we are happy to answer any questions about sightseeing in Montana.

Whom should I contact during the Festival if I get lost or have a problem?
If you should have a question, problem or concern during the Choral Festival, please contact Anne Marie Brinkman, Executive Director. The Festival telephone number is 406.721.7985, or contact us.